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Retrofit Assessment & Retrofit Coordination

Ensure your retrofit projects are compliant, efficient, and expertly managed with our comprehensive Retrofit Assessment and Coordination services. Our team of skilled professionals will guide you through every step, from initial assessment to project completion, ensuring adherence to PAS standards and TrustMark certification.

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What is Retrofit Assessment & Coordination?

Retrofit Assessment and Coordination are crucial processes in ensuring that energy efficiency improvements to buildings are both compliant with regulatory standards and effectively managed from start to finish.

Retrofit Assessment involves a thorough evaluation of a building’s current energy performance. This includes collecting data such as a detailed floor plan, a condition report, and an occupancy assessment.

Retrofit Coordination is the ongoing management and oversight of the retrofit project. This role is mandated for all retrofit projects and is fully supported by the UK government and TrustMark. Coordinators work closely with retrofit assessors, designers, clients, and other stakeholders to ensure the project achieves the desired outcomes.


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Retrofit Assessment Services

Retrofit assessors play a critical role in enhancing a building’s energy efficiency through comprehensive evaluations and detailed planning. They begin by assessing the current energy performance of the property and creating precise floor plans. This is followed by a thorough condition report and occupancy assessment to understand how the building is used.


Assess the current energy efficiency of the building.

Floor Plan

Develop accurate floor plans of the property.


Document the current condition of the building.


Analyse how the building is used and occupied and how this impacts energy usage.


Gather data to understand the building's energy performance & identify improvements.


Evaluation of various improvement options to enhance energy efficiency


Develop a plan for medium-term improvements.


Comply with PAS standards & TrustMark requirements.


Provide recommendations based on the conditions.


Retrofit Coordination Services

Since 2018, legal standards have been set that ensure all residential landlords maintain an EPC rating of E or above. Without this, you could be liable to a £5,000 fine. Your EPC rating would then be valid for 10 years.


Agree on a plan based on the assessor's recommendations and the client's objectives.


Compile comprehensive risk and health and safety assessments for the property.


Develop a plan for potential future improvements over the next 30 years.


Handle all documentation to record progress.


Conduct assessments where applicable.


Manage grant providers, TrustMark, and others.


Provide a detailed overview of each recommended energy measure.

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With over 20 years of experience in the industry, our team brings unparalleled expertise and a deep understanding of energy efficiency and retrofit processes.

This extensive experience ensures that we deliver precise assessments and effective coordination for your retrofit projects. Our seasoned professionals are adept at navigating regulatory standards and have a proven track record of successful project management, compliance, and funding approval.

By leveraging our wealth of knowledge and industry insights, we provide tailored solutions that enhance energy performance, maximise funding opportunities, and ensure long-term sustainability for your property.

Trust in our experienced team to guide you through every step of the retrofit process with confidence and reliability.

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Over the years we have met standards and levels of expertise that reflect in our accreditations and accolades.

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Our team of experts can conduct thorough evaluations of your building’s energy performance, identifying key areas for improvement. We develop customized plans to enhance energy efficiency, ensuring all projects meet PAS standards and TrustMark requirements.

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