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A cost-effective insulation service that can make your home more energy efficient, save you money on bills and increase your property’s value.

Interna Wall Insulation for Residential Properties

About Internal Wall Insulation?

Internal Wall Insulation (IWI) involves fitting insulating material to the inner surface of external or internal walls.

This process helps to improve the thermal efficiency of buildings, reduce heat loss, and maintain a consistent indoor temperature.

Typically, IWI consists of rigid insulation boards or insulated stud walls. It is an effective solution for older buildings with solid walls that cannot be insulated externally.

By adding a layer of insulation to the inside of the walls, IWI can significantly reduce energy bills and increase comfort levels without altering the building’s external appearance.

Why do you need to insulate your internal walls?

Benefits of Insulating your Internal Walls

Save Money

Internal wall insulation significantly reduces heat loss, leading to improved thermal efficiency. This helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the need for heating in winter and cooling in summer, thereby lowering energy bills.

Home Comfort

By insulating internal walls, you can eliminate cold spots and drafts, creating a more comfortable living environment. Rooms will warm up more quickly and retain heat longer, enhancing overall comfort.


Internal wall insulation can also provide soundproofing benefits. The insulating material helps dampen external noise and reduce sound transmission between rooms, resulting in a quieter home.

Property Value

Investing in internal wall insulation can enhance the value of your property. Potential buyers are often attracted to energy-efficient homes with lower running costs and improved comfort, making it a worthwhile investment.

IWI Importance

Why do you need Internal Wall Insulation?

Preserving Aesthetics

Internal wall insulation allows you to retain the original appearance of your building's exterior. This is particularly important for heritage buildings, listed properties, or homes with unique architectural features that you wish to preserve. Allowing you to still benefits from insulation.

No Red Tape

External wall insulation often requires planning permission, especially in conservation areas or for listed buildings. However, internal wall insulation (IWI) typically avoids these regulatory hurdles, making it a more straightforward and convenient option for many homeowners.

Cost Effective

Internal wall insulation can be less expensive and less disruptive than external wall insulation. It can be installed room-by-room, allowing you to continue living in your home during the process. This phased approach can also help manage costs more effectively.


Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
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Good work all round, all questions answered promptly and thoroughly, folks knew their stuff and were careful to check the best possible result given existing bits of broken polystyrene in the back wall. Larger than average 3 bed semi done in about 3.5 hours once they were set up. More aesthetic than practical, but I was particularly pleased with how well they matched the morter to the existing one for filling the holes at the end of the job. 25 year warantee was a particularly nice touch. Came sooner than booked due to a cancellation which was a bonus. Really noticing the difference already.
Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
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Absolute perfection. Courteous, cleaned up after. Explained procedure and very efficient all round
Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
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The 2 engineers did an excellent job of keeping the drilling holes to a minimum and cleaned up very well afterwards. In addition to the cavity wall insulation, they also had to fit a new vent due to our wood burner in the living room. They checked with us throughout the project that we were happy with what they were doing and asked for feedback at the end. Very professional and polite guys. We will hopefully learn over the hot summer and cold winter how effective the work has been. Well done team!
Cavity Wall Insulation
Cavity Wall Insulation
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Terry Dunford did the surveying for our property he was very knowledgeable and gave very good advice which we check and was correct in everything he said. The men who came do the cavity wall insulation were also very good, they respected us and our home,they explained what they were going to do and warned us about the noise. They cleared up after they had completed the work and asked us to check that we were happy with the way they had left our property which we were. We would highly recommend this company to anyone thinking of having any cavity wall insulation done .
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Where to Find Quality Internal Wall Insulation Services?

Choose Eco Systems Group for your internal wall insulation needs for unparalleled expertise and over a century of combined experience in property improvement.

We offer tailored solutions, ensuring maximum energy efficiency and comfort.

Our dedicated team provides comprehensive support and uses premium materials, guaranteeing high-quality results.

Trust us to enhance your home’s energy efficiency with top-notch service and customer satisfaction.

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Internal Wall Insulation

Frequently Asked Questions

Internal Wall Insulation involves fitting insulating material to the inner surface of external walls. It helps improve thermal efficiency, reduce heat loss, and maintain a consistent indoor temperature by adding a layer of insulation inside the walls.

IWI can be installed using rigid insulation boards or by building insulated stud walls. The process includes fixing the insulation material to the wall, adding a vapor barrier if necessary, and finishing with plasterboard or other suitable coverings.

Yes, IWI significantly improves the energy efficiency of your home by reducing heat loss through the walls. This leads to lower heating and cooling costs, which can result in substantial savings on your energy bills over time.

IWI is particularly suitable for older buildings with solid walls that cannot be insulated externally. It can be installed in most types of properties, but it is essential to assess the condition of the walls and any potential moisture issues before installation.

Installing IWI can cause some disruption, as it requires work inside your home. However, the process can be done room-by-room, allowing you to continue living in your home during the installation. Proper planning and professional installation can minimize inconvenience.

While IWI is highly effective, it can reduce the internal floor area slightly due to the thickness of the insulation. Additionally, it requires careful management of moisture to prevent condensation issues. Consulting with a professional installer can help address these concerns and ensure proper installation.

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