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Home insulation is key to keeping your energy bills low and reducing your carbon footprint – Eco Systems are happy to provide you with the best advice and highest quality products possible.

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What is Home Insulation?

Your Energy Saving Partner

Home insulation refers to a product that creates a barrier between the atmosphere in your home and the outside air temperatures. With sufficient home insulation installed, you can regulate the temperature of your home – which has a number of unrivalled benefits.

A thermal insulator will lock in heat and not let it flow through the insulating material. This means that when you set your thermostat to your desired temperature, it will stay at that temperature!


Where in My Home can I Insulate?

Most areas of your home can benefit from high-quality home insulation. The most common areas of insulation are your loft and cavity walls, with a variety of products available for each application.

Installation is not limited to these areas though, as we are also able to install underfloor insulation, ceiling insulation, stud wall insulation as well as insulating garages and sheds.

Benefits of Insulating Your Home

Home insulation offers many benefits to yourself over an uninsulated home. With many ways of insulating your home, each can offer unique benefits to your property and protect your pocket – as well as the planet! Find the main benefits of insulating your home here:

Reduce Heat Loss

Around 35% of a home’s heat is lost through uninsulated walls, and 25% can escape through an uninsulated loft. Reducing this heat loss by insulating your home means that your home will retain heat for longer and make your house a more comfortable place to be. A regulated temperature in your home means that there’s no need to wrap up with extra layers or drastically adjust the thermostat to get comfy at home!

Low Energy Bills

Reducing heat loss from your home comes hand in hand with reducing your energy bills.
As the heat inside your home is likely to come from your heating system – it will mean it’s not working as hard to keep you warm.
Your heating bill will thank you as you could save as much as £500 a year, with heating bills rising this saving will only get bigger.

Save the Planet

In the same way reducing heat loss led to lower energy bills, lower energy bills lead to your home saving the planet! As your home becomes more energy-efficient you will not be as dependent on fossil fuels to heat your property. Lowering your carbon footprint is the first step in saving the planet – when combined with other energy-saving measures such as solar panels to provide clean energy for your home, you can make a real difference!

Increase the Value of Your Home

By properly insulating your home, you can increase your home’s value when it comes time to move home. Home insulation increases your EPC rating, which gives new buyers an indication of the carbon emissions of the property as well as the energy bills they might expect to pay. Improving your EPC with any of our energy-efficient measures could raise the value of your home by a national average of almost £13,000.


There are a whole range of products and services available to you to help insulate your home.
Each has its own benefits, and some can only be installed in certain areas of the home.

Client Testimonials

Over our years of experience, we have achieved hundreds of amazing reviews from our amazing customers and clients! After providing property improvements, here’s what some of our clients had to say about Eco Systems Group.

No complaints whatsoever, they were completely reliable and did exactly what they said they were going to, when they said they would, which seems to be very rare with most tradesmen at the moment. 10/10 would definitely use again.
A great job carried out by 2 installers. They arrived promptly and were friendly and courteous. It made a big difference keeping the warmth in the house and hopefully keep energy bills down as they are steeply rising. I can 100% recommend this.
Bead cavity wall insulation. From start to finish a 5 star job. Service included pre-installation survey which spotted some cavity debris which we cleared before work was done. Installation has significantly reduced heating costs and improved overall warmth.


The best way to insulate your home is dependent on your needs, home type and budget. Whether you’re after cavity wall or loft insulation – different types of insulation are available for each area of your home. If your home is older (pre-1920s) then it would most likely not have a cavity wall so would instead benefit better from loft insulation. Eco Systems are industry leaders in insulating your home and will always be happy to talk about your home and its needs.

Before handling any insulation, your installer should ensure that they have the appropriate personal protective equipment for the type of install and the product they are insulating with. If you are installing your own insulation, we have a range of PPE available on Insulation Central and all our products come with recommendations on their dedicated product page. If you would like an experienced installer from Eco Systems to handle your insulation, we always come with the correct PPE for the job.

Again, the time that home insulation takes depends on whether you choose to handle the installation yourself or trust our fully accredited installation experts to take care of your home’s insulation needs. With expert installation from Eco Systems, installation of an average loft can be finished inside half a day, whereas, if you choose to install your loft insulation – this could become an entire weekend job! Cavity wall insulation should always be carried out by a trusted expert.

Along with your loft/roof and walls, heat is also lost from your home through your floors, as well as your windows and doors. As your energy-saving partner, Eco Systems can supply and fit this full range of services for your home to accompany your home insulation. Complete a full refurbishment of your home with solar panels, masonry coating and a brand-new heat pump to save on your energy bills each month.

The government introduced the ECO3 (Energy Company Obligation) scheme which means that energy suppliers must promote the installation of energy-saving measures for your home. Under the ECO scheme, you could have the complete cost of home insulation covered by a grant – providing you meet the criteria for the ECO scheme by being on certain benefits and are recommended by your local authority. For more information on the ECO grant scheme, see our dedicated grant page.