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Home Insulation Grants

Securing a grant for your home insulation could be key to being able to afford a much-needed home improvement such as cavity wall or loft insulation. With Eco Systems Group, you can easily apply for your home insulation grant through us, and we will go through the process for you – so you don’t have to!

What is The Government ECO3/ECO4 Scheme?

The government has been running ECO schemes since 2013, we are currently on the third generation of these insulation grant schemes. In short, the schemes are designed to benefit those households that find themselves in fuel poverty and to reduce carbon emissions and fuel bills.

ECO (short for ‘energy company obligation’) means that the homeowner’s energy provider is obligated to assist with the upfront cost of energy-saving measures, for households who may struggle to afford this themselves.

There are criteria in place for those who might be eligible for home insulation grants, as well as some flexibility in these criteria depending on your local council guidelines. Eco Systems makes enquiring for an insulation grant simple as we will apply on your behalf, and keep you updated throughout the whole process.


ECO3/ECO4 Insulation Grant Criteria

For the ECO3/ECO4 scheme, the following criteria apply in order to be eligible for an insulation grant.

To be in receipt of the following benefits:

If you don’t receive any of the benefits or income assistance listed above, you could still be able to receive an insulation grant with local councils able to offer their own criteria depending on their community members and their circumstances.

ECO3/ECO4 Local Authority Flexibility

Flexible criteria from local authorities mean that you could still benefit from an insulation grant without being in receipt of the benefits above. Though the criteria differ from council to council, we normally find that these involve being below certain income thresholds, having limited savings and being vulnerable to the cold.

Applying for an insulation grant through an LA Flex scheme has never been easier than with Eco Systems Group. We can perform a complete assessment of your home and personal circumstances, before applying to your council on your behalf. We are completely transparent throughout the process and would love to assist you in providing your free insulation.


Home Insulation Grants– What You Can Receive

By securing a grant for your home insulation, you will be receiving one of two services from us. Following your home assessment, we will be able to recommend our service and apply for this for you – be it cavity wall or loft insulation, Eco Systems Group can apply and supply the service you require to the highest standard.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Did you know that up to 35% of the heat in your home is lost through uninsulated cavity walls? By insulating your walls, you can save around £80 a month on your energy bills. Of course, with the benefit of free insulation, you can feel this impact instantly and don’t have to wait for a return on your investment.

Loft Insulation

Fibre insulation must be at least 270mm thick to insulate your loft properly. With a loft insulation grant, you can have your new loft insulation or a top-up completely paid for under the scheme. Fibreglass insulation will sit between the joists on the floor of your loft to prevent heat from travelling upwards and escaping through your loft space.

Your property assessor, local council and energy company will be able to decide on the best measures for you to help save money in your home. Your insulation grant will, more often than not, completely cover the cost of your new home insulation.

Applying for your Insulation Grant

Applying for your insulation grant is easier than ever with Eco Systems Group. After asking a few qualifying questions, we can send an assessor round to visit your property, completely free of charge, and take the relevant pictures, measurements and information to progress with a grant application.

Once your application is approved, we can supply and fit the insulation in your home – be that cavity wall or loft insulation. Your grant will cover the cost of your insulation and leave you to enjoy a warm, happy home – with the added benefit of lower energy bills.

As your energy-saving partner, Eco Systems can take you through the process of applying for your insulation grant and will be with you from the start to finish of your application!