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Insulate your home’s cavity walls with injected insulation to help reduce energy consumption and save up to 65% on your energy bills!
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Insulate Your Walls

A cavity wall is a wall that has a space, a.k.a, a cavity, in between another wall. This spacing between the two walls can be filled with insulation to provide various benefits for the homeowner.

Cavity walls are considered to be a more modern form of construction, with most properties built post-1940s having this cavity. Therefore, if your home has a cavity wall, you are presented with a great opportunity to insulate it and reap the benefits of saving money, reducing heat loss, soundproofing and much more.

With 20+ years of experience our expert installers have helped over 1000 customers reduce their energy bills with cavity wall insulation.

We install 2 main types of cavity wall insulation:

  • EPS Beads
  • Blown in Rockwool

Our team can help advise which type will be best for your property.

Q: How much could you save per year?

A: The average yearly heating bill is £1,300, but when you upgrade your home’s insulation you could make a yearly 65% saving! That’s up to £845 back in your pocket every year.
Why do you need to insulate your cavity walls?

Benefits of Insulating your Cavity Walls

Save Money

Because you lose up to 33% of energy through your walls, by insulating these areas, you can start to save money on your energy bills every month.

Efficient cavity wall insulation can drastically help with energy-saving, which means money-saving too

Ease of Installation

Cavity wall insulation installation is minimally invasive and offers little-to-no disruption.

Our professionals drill small holes in strategic positions across your wall. Then, they begin to inject the EPS beads or blown in Rockwool via the holes drilled in, filling up the wall with sufficient insulation before covering over the small holes previously made.


An added benefit of having insulation installed into your cavity walls is that it can provide a great soundproofing solution.

If your home is situated in a noisy area, on the main road or surrounded by noisy neighbours, then cavity wall insulation can help.

Environmentally Friendly

As you start to reduce your energy consumption, you will simultaneously begin to reduce your carbon footprint because your energy output is lower.

Cavity wall insulation is a big step towards becoming carbon neutral and having that eco-friendly property that homeowners sought after.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A cavity wall consists of two layers of masonry (brick or block) with a gap, or cavity, in between. This design helps with insulation and moisture control, making buildings more energy-efficient and less prone to dampness.

If your property was built or renovated after the mid-1920s, it is likely to have a cavity wall. However, to determine if you have cavity wall insulation, you can schedule a call with our professionals who will assess the presence and condition of existing insulation.

The installation process usually takes a few hours to complete, depending on the size of the property. Our experienced technicians work efficiently to minimise disruption, and you can typically expect the installation to be completed in a single day.

A cavity wall has an empty space (cavity) between its outer and inner layers of masonry, which provides an opportunity to install insulation. A solid wall, on the other hand, lacks this gap, making insulation installation more complex and costly. Cavity wall insulation is a relatively straightforward way to improve energy efficiency.

Yes, cavity wall insulation significantly improves the thermal efficiency of your property by saving up to 33% of lost heat. It helps to prevent heat loss through the walls, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. This insulation can lead to reduced energy consumption and lower heating bills.

Prior to the installation, we recommend clearing any furniture, belongings, or obstacles away from the walls being insulated. This will allow our technicians easy access to the walls. Additionally, we advise discussing any specific requirements or concerns with our team during the initial consultation.